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Salmson S4-61 - 1938-1951
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Salmson S4-61 - 1938-1951

Salmson S4-61 - 1938-1951

Faced with lower demand for its airplane engines after world war i, salmson turned to building sports cars during the twenties. In 1929, the company changed directions once again and decided to concentrate on touring cars. The first of these the salmson s4 appeared at the 1929 paris salon, where its double-overhead-cam engine distinguished it from its rivals.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 75 mph engine typedrivetrain: Water-cooled, double-overhead-cam, 4-cylinder displacement 1,732 cc (1.73 l) power output 51 hp transmission cotal electromagnetic 4-speed chassis: X-braced channel-steel; In¬dependent front suspension by torsion bar and wishbone; Rear suspension by cantilever leaf springs; 4-wheel drum brakes; 2,574 lbs.

About vehicle
Hemi-head power unit that original s4 had a ljoocc engine; The 1933 s4c was equipped with a l,500cc power unit; The s4d of 1933 was enlarged to 1,600 cc; And finally the s4da of 1937, of which the s4-61 was a derivative, measured 1,732 cc. Along with its 2.3-litre stablemate, the s4-61 continued to be produced after the war, when more than 2,000 wrere sold between 1946 and 1950. aeronautical background despite its hemi-head engine, the s4-61 was not a particularly fast car. Still, the salmsons aeronautical background meant that the s4-6ls engine was remarkably reliable. It wras coupled with a cotal electromagnetic transmission, and the brakes were mechanical rather than hydraulic. The car was classically designed and elegant, with curvaceous lines and smart trim.
Salmson built a prototypical double-overhead-cam touring car in 1922 and remained faithful to double-overhead-cam engines until 1957. This s4-61 cabriolet dates from 1948.

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