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Stutz - 1931-1935
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Stutz - 1931-1935

Stutz - 1931-1935

Stutz was the most european of all the interwar american carmakers. Its ceo, frederick e. Moskovics, who had been brought in at the end of 1925 to save the ailing company, was hungarian by birth and had trained in switzerland. He counted louis delage, gabriel voisin, charles t. Weymann and ettore bugatti among his european friends

Specifications performance
Top speed of 100 mph engine typedisplacement: Water-cooled, double-overhead-cam, 32-valve straight-8 displacement 5,277 cc (5.28 l) power rating 156 hp transmission 3-speed manual chassis: Channel steel; Front and rear suspension by semielliptic leaf springs; 4-wheel, vacuum-assisted drum brakes; 4,840 lbs. price: $3,995 to $8,495 (depending on model year, coaclwork and wheelbase)

About vehicle
The vertical eight moskovics stopped production of the then-current line and employed belgian engineer paul bastien to develop a new vertical eight, with an overhead-cam engine to be designed by swiss-born charles greuter. It became the only american automobile to challenge the europeans on their own turf by racing at le mans. A stutz entered by charles weymann finished second to the winning 4.5-litre bentley in 1928. dohc luxury eight in 1931, stutz presented the remarkable dv32, a double-overhead-cam luxury eight with four valves per each of its eight cylinders (hence the 32 designation) and a choice of 17 body styles including a revived version of the much-loved bearcat. It was americas first loomph-plus production car, but the depression slowed it down. Production ceased in 1934, after only six cars were sold for the year.
This stutz dv32 carried phaeton bodywork by le baron, who also offered a prince of wales sedan on the same chassis.

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