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Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 - 1931
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Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 - 1931

Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 - 1931

Alfas evoke strong opinions. An automobile critic once complained about the 1934 alfa romeo 8c 2300: at full throttle, the noise is almost terrifying.

Specifications performance
0-60 in 9.4 sec. Top speed of 115 mph engine typedrivetrain: Double-overhead-cam. 8-cylinder displacement 2.3 l power rating 165 hp transmission 4-speed manual chassis: Semielliptic spring suspension; 2,640 lbs. price: $9,000 in 1933

About vehicle
Good day, sunshine ah, the perfect roadster. It was loud, and when the 16-inch drum brakes were applied at high speeds, the front end felt like it was going to chatter loose. There were only .75 inches of travel in the semielliptical spring suspension. Resulting in a jarring ride. The 8c 2300 sprinted from 0 to 30 in a neck-snapping 2.5 seconds, but quick turns frequently resulted in unscheduled 360-degree views of the countryside, and the 2.3-liter powerplant got less than 10 mpg. Built for speed, it was a two-and-half-ton, 115mph european vacation. chrome to burn like the 1931 monza-type engine before it and the 8c 2900 that followed, the 2300 had a gorgeous powerplant. Eight cylinders were divided into two four-cylinder blocks, each mounted under a chrome-covered crankcase. Much of the cooling equipment was also chromed. The supercharger, perched over the beautifully enameled exhaust manifold, took the driver from 0 to 100 in just under 30 seconds
This version of the 1931 alfa romeo 8c 2300 called the spider corsa features a body by zagato

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