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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint - 1962
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint - 1962

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint - 1962

To raise the money for its new giulietta series, alfa romeo offered stock shares with a sweetener: Investors holding the certificate serial numbers selected in a lottery drawing would win 200 of the new cars. The sedans were not ready on schedule, so bertone had to handbuild bodies from a hastily prepared coupe design to extricate the company from a scandal. This lightweight 2 + 2 coupe, called the sprint, immediately found favor with the public.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 112 mph engine typedrivetrain: Twin-overhead-cam, in-line 4-cylinder displacement 1,290 cc (1.3 l) power rating 80-90 hp (din) transmission 4-speed, all-synchronized chassis: Coil-spring suspension, indepen¬dent in front; Worm-and-lever steering; Hydraulic drum brakes; 1,764-1,991 lbs. price: $3,951-$4,342 in the United States in 1959

About vehicle
Excellent roadability the sprint shared a twin-overhead-cam, 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine with the other giulietta cars. It had the same front end as the spyder convertible and provided excellent handling, ride and braking. The veloce version, introduced in 1956, was faster because the engine had a higher compression ratio, tubular exhaust headers, improved camshafts and the use of two carburetors. second series this 750 series was replaced in 1959 by the 101 series. Mechanical improvements made the sprint more durable and reliable. The eyebrow grille now had a crosshatched pattern, and the taillights were larger. Sprint production came to more than 27,000 over eight years.
The crosshatched grille pattern identifies this alfa romeo giulietta sprint coupe as belonging to the second, 101

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