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Allard - 1949-1952
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Allard - 1949-1952

The 1949 british auto show unveiled a competition-model two-seater allard. Called the ]2, it had a big chrysler or cadillac engine that developed a phenomenal torque at low speeds. At high cruising speeds, there was nothing but the exhilarating hum of the tires and the wind. In 1951, a later version was introduced the j2x.

Specifications performance
0-60 in 10 sec. Top speed of 111.6 mph engine typedrivetrain: Inclined overhead valves, 8-cylinder displacement 5,420 cc (5.4 l) power rating 172 hp transmission 3-speed + reverse chassis: Swing-axle independent front suspension; Lockheed hydraulic brakes; Racing-type wire wheels; 1,980 lbs. price: $4,500 in 1951

About vehicle
Whistle while you ride low, wicked lines characterized the j2x. In a quirky piece of design for a modern sports car, the spare tire was mounted on the side. As with other nonsupercharged racers, an air scoop was fitted on top of the alligator hood; At speeds of over 90 mph, a large air intake on the grille emitted a shrill whistle that sounded exactly like a supercharger. j2xcellent all told, the j2x, which sold for four years, was most unusual. How many other sportsters simultaneously offered stark coachwork, flexibility of a rare order and remarkably comfortable suspension? how many really big engines, so powerful that they played with their very high top gear, afforded a greater ease of travel than could be had by other means? these benefits and details, with the large engine, were the hallmarks of the t2x.
The allard j2x was on a par with the later ac cobra: A light chassis and powerful engine added up to a very

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