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Amilcar Cos - 1925-1929
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Amilcar Cos - 1925-1929

Amilcar Cos - 1925-1929

The cgs amilcar was nicknamed the poor mans bugatti in its native france and was among the most successful small sports cars of its day. The amilcar marque took its name from founders emil aker and joseph lamy and was intended to fit into the low-tax cyclecar bracket, which imposed a maximum weight of 770 lbs.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 75 mph engine typedrivetrain: Water-cooled, sidevalve, 4-cylinder displacement 1,074 cc (1.07 l) power rating . 30 hp transmission 3-speed manual chassis: Pressed-steel; Front suspension by semielliptic leaf springs; Rear suspension by quarter-elliptic leaf springs; 4-wheel drum brakes; 992 lbs. price (est): $1,100 in 1926

About vehicle
Million-franc budget but when the amilcar entered the low-priced sports-car market, inspired by the sporting ambitions of the designer andre morel (he won the 1922 bol dor light-car race in amilcar), weight considerations were abandoned in the search for performance. The cgs of 1924 scaled 992 lbs. Despite a lightweight body. Amilcar promoted its small sports cars with a million-franc racing budget. piercing exhaust note the cgs amilcar certainly looked the part, with its doorless, pointed-tail bodywork and racing radiator, but the illusion was spoiled when the hood was lifted, revealing the tiny flathead engine. Still, its performance was startlingly quick and its exhaust note piercingly sporting. for a generation of young enthusiasts, the cgs amilcar represented their entry into motor sports.
The sporty appearance of the amilcar certainly disguised its simple origins; Despite the flathead engine, works-tuned cars could exceed 85 mph

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