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Aston Martin Db5 - 1963-1965
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Aston Martin Db5 - 1963-1965

Aston Martin Db5 - 1963-1965

Its no secret that car buffs sometimes like to break the magical, and often unsafe, loomph barrier. With the aston martin db5, issued from 1963 to 1965, you could reach the ton without guilt. The db5 was a speedster whose upper-range stability and safety were unsurpassed.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 149 mph engine typedrivetrain: Double-overhead-cam 6 with triple su carburetors displacement 244 cu. In. Power rating 282 hp transmission 5-speed synchromesh manual (optional automatic) chassis: Rack-and-pinion steering; Front independent suspension by wishbones and coil springs, rear suspension by live axle, trailing arms and coil springs; Girling disc brakes front and rear with divided hydraulic circuits and twin vacuum servos; 15-inch wheels; 3,200 lbs.

About vehicle
Fashionable fastback one of the earliest and most exciting fastback body shapes, the db5 still looked efficient and stylish. It had twin fuel fillers that were released inside the car. Under the hood, which was equipped with a large inspection lamp and two struts that locked in place, rested two camshafts, three carburetors and a lot of polished aluminum. A cabriolet version of the db5, baptized volante, was considered by many enthusiasts to be the most impressive of all the cabriolets aston martin had ever built. hit the road, jack with a range of well over 300 miles between fuel stops, this aston marvel was the kind of car made for long-distance touring. Its most impressive feature was its consistency and lack of fuss, climbing from zero to 100 mph in less than 20 seconds, then braking to a complete stop in only ten more. The db5 required skill and muscle to operate, but it always challenged and satisfied its drivers
The aston martin db 5 was featured in the james bond film goldfinger with a few additions, including retractable front machine guns and a rear bullet-proof shield.

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