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Aston Martin Dm Convertible - 1961-1963
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Aston Martin Dm Convertible - 1961-1963

Aston Martin Dm Convertible - 1961-1963

For a combination of blazing speed and elegant design, no englishman circa i960 who could pony up the price needed to look to italy: Aston martin had the answer in the db4. In late 1961 a two-door, four-place convertible joined the fastback coupe. This ragtop is exceedingly rare

Specifications performance
Specifications performance: Top speed of 141 mph engine typedrivetrain: Twin-overhead-cam, in-line 6-cylinder displacement 224 cu. In. (3.7 l) power rating 240266 hp transmission 4-speed manual; Overdrive or 3-speed automatic optional chassis: Coil-spring suspension; Rack-and-pinion steering; Power-assisted disc brakes; 2,885-2,923 lbs. Price: $11,250 in the United States in 1962

About vehicle
Sleek aluminum body the db4 was introduced with an all-new body and a new six-cylinder engine with hemispherical combustion chambers. With three instead of two carburetors and a higher compression ratio, this became the optional 266hp ss (special series) or vantage version of the engine. The beautiful body designed by carozzeria touring consisted of aluminum-alloy panels over a latticework array of small welded tubes on a pressed-steel platform frame. Other features included leather upholstery, a hood air scoop, dual exhausts, and wraparound windshield. sloping headlight covers the convertibles belonged to the last two db4 series, which had a new grille distinguished by seven vertical bars. Some had the restyled front end of the vantage bodystyle, featuring sloping headlight covers. The last ones also had a slightly higher roof and a length expanded 3 12 in. To 15 ft. For added leg and luggage room. Thirty-two of the 70 had the ss engine.
The touring-designed aston martin db4 looked especially beautiful in convertible form. Only 70 of these speedsters were made.

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