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Bentley 414 Litre - 1936-1939
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Bentley 414 Litre - 1936-1939

Bentley 414 Litre - 1936-1939

Built only five years after designer w.o. Bentley sold his company to rolls royce in 1931, the bentley 4 14 litre reflected elements of w.o.s influence, but was a rolls royce at heart.

Specifications performance
0-60 in 14.2 sec. Top speed of 96 mph engine typedrivetrain: 6-cylinder, overhead-valve displacement 259-6 cu. In. Power rating 125 hp transmission 4-speed manual chassis: Mechanical servo-motor drum brakes, driven by transmission output shaft; 3,520 lbs. price: $5,550 in 1939

About vehicle
Shhh distinguished by its startlingly quiet six-cylinder overhead-valve powerplant, the bentley earned a nickname that the marketing department at rolls royce used frequently the silent sports car. At its top speed of nearly 100 mph (an engineering barrier at the time), some drivers werent sure the engine was even running the elegant automobile ran at just under 4,000 rpm. Its road performance was no less subtle, with nimble cornering and virtually invisible roll, characteristics that most cars of the era couldnt even achieve, let alone refine. fashion plates typical of the rolls-bentley (as some purists called it) was its attention to body detailing. Although there were numerous body styles, each shared the fine crease in the fender arches, the art deco curves of the running board ridges and the elegant but simple chromed ribbing of the bentley grill. The firms catalogue was unable to list all the body styles available from dozens of coachbuilders, because the bentley was eminently customizable
This bentley 4 14 litre salon was delivered to j. Wasler, its first owner, in late 1936. The car was bodied by vesters and neirinck of belgium

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