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Chrysler 3ood - 1958
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Chrysler 3ood - 1958

In 1955 chrysler introduced the first of its 300 series, americas fastest and most powerful production car of the time. The fourth of the annual letter 300s was the 1958 300d, available as a convertible or hardtop. Only 809 were produced.

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 135 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve, v8 displacement 392 cu. In. (6.4 l) power rating 380-390 hp transmission 3-speed automatic; 3-speed manual optional chassis: Torsion-bar front suspension; 4,305-4,475 lbs. price: $5,173 for the hardtop, $5,603 for the convertible

About vehicle
Tailfinned tiger with long, low lines sweeping backwards to rising tailfins, the 300d was practically identical to 1957s 300c in appearance and also resembled other chryslers. A single chrome midline molding ran between the door and taillights. The grille had a sharply outlined crosshatched pattern. With a length of 220 in. And a width of 80 in., the 300d had ample room to seat six in its leather-upholstered interior. There was a choice of six body colors. big hemi engine this was the last year for the 300s outstanding firepower v8 engine, with the hemispherical combustion chambers that draggers said made for more power and better handling. In place of the standard twin four-barrel carburetors, some 300ds had an optional electronic fuel-injection system that marked the first use of a computer in a chrysler product. Other 300d options included cruise control, air conditioning and power windows, steering, brakes and seat.
Chryslers 300d offered more power and speed than any other 1958 american production car

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