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Citroen Ten - 1932-1934
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Citroen Ten - 1932-1934

Citroens 10cv, or ten, was this automakers successor to the c4 and was intermediate in size between two other series introduced at the same time the eight and fifteen. All three were conventional cars, unlike the revolutionary frontwheel-drive seven introduced in 1934

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 68 mph engine typedrivetrain: Side-valve, in¬line 4-cylinder displacement 1,767 cc (1.8 l) power rating 36 hp transmission 3- or 4-speed manual chassis: Suspension by straight springs in 1932-33 and torsion bars in 1934; Cable brakes; About 2,650 lbs. For the standard ten price: $975-$ 1,325 in great britain in 1932

About vehicle
Intermediate series equipped with a sturdy side-valve, 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine, the ten benefited from all-steel construction and floating power. this term described a vibration-reducing engine mount and aibber block between the chassis and the engine frame. Set on a 118-in. Wheelbase, the standard ten was a very roomy car. There was also a faster light ten with the same engine but on the eights 106-in. Wheelbase. In 1934 ten bodies were modernized with the introduction of torsion-bar suspension, independent in front. wide choice of bodies like other citroens of this period, the ten was offered in an incredible profusion of body types, all traditional in their styling. The range included five- and seven-seat sedans, a roadster, and both big and little torpedos and convertibles. There were also grand luxe coaches and a two-seat convertible built by outside bodymakers. A taxi, ambulance, and delivery van were also among the tens produced.
The slanted radiator grille identifies this citroen ten sedan as a newly clothed 1934 model.

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