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Clement-panhard Type Vgp - 1899-1901
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Clement-panhard Type Vgp - 1899-1901

Center-pivot steering, with the front axle turning with the wheels, was among the outmoded features of the clement-panhard automobile, which has been called one of the worst cars ever made. Nevertheless, more than 100 of these artifacts from the automobiles heroic age were sold, and the model even was produced under license in scotland.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 20 mph engine typedrivetrain: Vertical single-cylinder displacement 760 cc (0.8 l) power rating 3.5 hp transmission 3-speed manual chassis: About 880 lbs.

About vehicle
Bicycles, tires and motor cars adolphe clement began building bicycles in 1878 but made his fortune as a manufacturer of dunlop tires. In 1896 he sold his name and some of his factories to a franco-british company that began making clement-gladiator automobiles. Although on the board of this firm, he also opened a new factory that issued the light, rear-engined clement-de dion in 1898. light, cheap and obsolete at the same time, clement was an investor in and official of still another automaker, panhard et levassor, and would become its chairman in 1900. Designed by arthur krebs, inventor of a dirigible, periscopes, balloons and carburetors, the clement-panhard was cheap and very light. The rear-mounted single-cylinder engine had an automatic inlet valve and the obsolete curiosity of hot tube ignition. Final drive was by chain, and there was no reverse gear. This model usually was bodied as an open two- or three-seater.
Every time the driver of this clement-panhard turned the steering wheel, the entire front axle turned with the front wheels.

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