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Cord 810 - 1936
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Cord 810 - 1936

The great depression of the 1930s played havoc with many independent automakers, including errett lobban cord and his auburn-cord-duesenberg empire. By 1937, all three marques had ceased production, but not before cord introduced in 1936 one of the most sought-after cars in automotive history the cord 810. This vehicles supercharged successor, the 812 of 1937, would be cords last car.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 93 mph engine typedrivetrain: Front-wheel drive, water-cooled, sidevalve v8 displacement 288.6 cu. In. (4.7 l) power rating 125 hp transmission 4-speed manual + reverse chassis: Pressed steel; Independent front suspension by trailing arms and semielliptic leaf springs, rear suspension by tubular dead axle and semielliptic leaf springs; Hydraulic drum brakes; 3,715-4,170 lbs. price: $1,995-$2,195

About vehicle
A revolutionary car the 810, designed by duesenbergs gordon buehrig as a baby duesenberg, was one of the most remarkable looking cars of the 1930s. Its grille, which looked like venetian blinds, wrapped around the high coffin-nose hood, halting just before the doors. Disappearing headlamps and a lack of running boards accented the cars deliciously smooth lines. cord bows out what was beneath the 810s hood was just as impressive as the exterior. The 288.6-cu.-in., 125hp v8 engine was capable of more than 90 mph, and the unitary body-chassis construction and independent front suspension promised a quality ride. But this was the time of the great depression, and errett lobban cord was soon to leave automaking. The 810812 was his last and perhaps finest effort.
This 1936 cord 810 sportsman convertible today fetches well in excess of $100,000. A sedan in excellent condition commands only a little less.

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