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De Soto Suburban - 1946-1948
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De Soto Suburban - 1946-1948

Joining the 1946 de soto line late not until november of that year was the suburban, a new station wagon that did not resemble a station wagon and was dubbed americas most beautiful multi-purpose car.

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 87 mph engine typedrivetrain: Side-valve, in line 6-cylinder displacement 237.6 cu. In. (3.9 l) power rating 109 hp transmission 4-speed semiautomatic chassis: Hydraulic brakes; 3,974-4,012 lbs. Price: $2,175-$2,631

About vehicle
Unprecedented practicality this suburban was most eminently a practical vehicle. Built on a long 139.5-in. Wheelbase, it seated nine adults in comfort, but the rear third seat could be folded down to accommodate cargo, a feature other station wagons lacked. The rear seat was split so that just half could be folded down, and extra space could be made by moving the middle seat up closer to the front. That left enough room to sleep two. The plastic seats and wood-grain-patterned arborite-type interior side panels could take a beating better than the usual car upholstery. not a woody the suburban had an all-steel body instead of the traditional station-wagon wood paneling and thus was nearly identical in outward appearance to de sotos long-wheelbase sedan and limousine. But only the suburban had a standard roof rack and optional two-tone body paint. some 7,500 suburbans were produced during the 1946-48 model years.
Without a roof rack or two body colors, the suburban station wagon was identical in exterior appearance to de sotos long-wheelbase sedan and limousine.

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