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Delahaye - 1951-1954
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Delahaye - 1951-1954

Even cars with noble histories sometimes have inglorious ends, and thats what happened to the delahaye 235. Designed by henri chapron and featured at the paris show in 1953, it was one of the last autos built by that company before it was swallowed whole by a competitor, hotchkiss, and confined to building trucks. This last line of the delahaye pedigree, which had started in 1951, was typically unspectacular, but solid and well-made. It was, however, a little dull.

Specifications performance
Top speed 105 mph engine typedrivetrain: Cast-iron, overhead-valve, in-line 6 displacement 3.5 l power rating 152 hp transmission electrically operated cotal 4-speed preselector chassis: Independent front suspension by transverse leaf lower arm, rear suspension by leaf springs; Drum brakes; 3,520 lbs.

About vehicle
Gets the job done the 235 had a simple type of parallel-sidemember frame with an independent front suspension. Its rear axle was mounted on a pair of leaf springs. It had a cast-iron, overhead-valve, in-line, six-cylinder engine, and with a trio of solex down-draft carburetors, it managed 152 hp at 4,200 rpm. recycled treasure in 1982, richard straman, a classic car collector in california, bought a 235 that had been rusting in a garage in hollywood for 18 years. With loving care, he restored everything (repairing, for example, each of the 15 individual pieces of the front fender that were welded together). Less than a year later, straman was rewarded with a first prize at the prestigious santa barbara concourse show.
71oe delahaye 235 succeeded the 1936delahaye 135, but retained the earlier models chassis and engine

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