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Ferrari - 1987
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Ferrari - 1987

Wait a minute. The windows dont roll down, the air conditioning wheezes, the cabin noise rivals a sellout fight night at madison square garden and you dont even get a radio? for a quarter of a million bucks? yes, and its love at first sight.

Specifications performance
0-60 in 3.5 sec. Top speed of 201 mph engine typedrivetrain: Turbocharged, intercooled aluminum-block v8 lacement 179 cu. In. (2.9 l) power rating 471 hp transmission 5-speed manual chassis: Plastic panels bonded to steel tubing space frame; Rack-and-pinion steering; Vented, cross-drilled disc brakes with no power assist; 2,420 lbs. price (est): $200,000 in 1990

About vehicle
Its a bird, its a plane... its the ferrari f40, unleashed in maranello, italy, on july 21, 1987, to commemorate ferraris 40th anniversary. Its fast, of course, with a top speed of more than 200 mph. The low, swooping hood and abrupt, sharp-angled detailing makes it like a stealth bomber: From certain angles, its so sleek it disappears. born to perform based on ferraris gto evoluzione race car, the f40 is distinguished primarily by its incredible engine output. Engineers squeezed an astronomical 480 horsepower out of just three liters of displacement. No cc is left unturned: The longitudinal v8 is topped by twin turbochargers, each with its own intercooler. All-analog instruments are mounted in a carbon-fiber dashboard. And in case youre in the market for an f40, included in the price is a trip to ferraris factory in maranello for private driver training. Buona fortuna
The ferrari f40 was enzo ferraris swan song the last of 40 years (hence the f40) of formidable high-performance race cars.

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