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Fiat 1100103 - 1963-1972
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Fiat 1100103 - 1963-1972

Although squat and boxy, the 1100103 series was nevertheless the first fiat to top the one-million mark in production. Also made under license in west germany (as the neckar), yugoslavia and india, it won a reputation for being the car that wouldnt die. it was still being made in india during the 1970s.

Specifications performance
Top speed of about 90 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve, in-line 4 displacement 1,089 cc (1.1 l) power rating 36-55 hp transmission 4-speed, fully synchronized chassis: Independent front coil-spring suspension, with rear semielliptic springs; Worm-and-roller steering; Hydraulic drum brakes; 1,808-2,050 lbs. price: $1,655-52,498 in the United States in 1957

About vehicle
Geriatric engine this fiat began life as a unibodied sedan on a short 92-in. Wheelbase, with suicide doors (rear-hinged in front, front-hinged in the rear). The car had a 1.1-litre, 4-cylinder engine that dated back to the 1937 fiat baliila, although with a new crankshaft and modified carburation. Until 1958 there was a center foglight up front. The original horizontal-bar grille made way for a vertical-bar one by 1956 before returning to horizontal bars for i960. many 1100s a station wagon and a two-toned tv (turismo veloce, or fast tourer ) version of the sedan were soon added to the series. A roadster with a divided mesh-style grille and a rarely seen convertible with wraparound windshield and split recessed grille soon followed. The engine of the special sedan, an 1100 introduced in 1961. Reached 55 hp
This plain-vanilla fiat 1100103 sedan was the first of a squat, boxy series that became the first fiat to top a million made.

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