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Fiat 522 - 1931-1933
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Fiat 522 - 1931-1933

The prosperity of the 1920s led many european automakers to introduce new models with six-cylinder engines in place of four. Among these was fiats semiluxury 520. The company followed this successful model with the 522, of which 7,360 were made.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 75-80 mph engine typedrivetrain: Side-valve, 6-cylinder displacement 2,516 cc (2.5 l) power rating 50-65 hp transmission 4-speed, fully synchronized chassis: Suspension by semielliptic leaf springs; Hydraulic brakes; 2,975 lbs. (sports 522) ~ price: $1,675 for standard sedan, $2,925 for sports model

About vehicle
Bigger six-cylinder engine the standard fiat 522 was a sedan, convertible-sedan or limousine on a cruciform-braced frame. The automobile had a synchronized four-speed transmission and a handbrake as well as the pedal-operated hydraulic brakes. The 520s side-valve engine was expanded to 2.5 litres by increasing the bore. This enabled the 522 to reach a cruising speed that was close to 55 mph, quite respectable for the era. the glamour 522 there was also a long-wheelbase 522l, but the glamour car of this series was the sports 522c (or 522s), available as a tourer or a pillarless sedan or coupe. Built on the shorter wheelbase of the 520, this version of the 522 could reach 75 to 80 mph, partly because of its lighter weight, but also because the engine had two carburetors and a higher compression ratio than that of the standard 522 model. But only 732 sports 522s were sold.
Hoe sports fiat 522, shown here in tourer form, was a fast production car for its period.

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