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Lada - 1969
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Lada - 1969

In 1969 a joint venture between the soviet union and the italian automaker fiat began producing a sedan for export called the lada 2101, based on the fiat 124. This model has been updated over the years, most recently as the 2107 in 1983 and the samara in 1986. Volga auto works, or vaz, had plans to introduce the lada 2110 in late 1993.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 90-95 mph for the 2107 engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve, 4-cylinder :ement 1.5 l power rating 70 hp transmission 5-speed manual chassis: About 2,115 lbs. Price: About $7,000 in 1992 for the samara

About vehicle
Hard-currency earner the joint venture was a huge undertaking, with fiat establishing a large auto plant at stavropol, a russian city on the volga river that was renamed togliatti in honor of the long-time head of italys communist party. Vaz produces about 750,000 of the 1,200,000 cars currently made in the former soviet union each year. The exported lada is built with the aid of robots and computers, but cars made for domestic use, called zhigulis, use 20-year-old technology. cloudy future the forthcoming lada 2110 resembles a ford taurus and will come equipped with fuel injection and a catalytic converter. But s300 million in foreign loans is needed to put the model into production. Western financial support is also crucial to fiat, which holds a 30 percent stake in vaz and wants to spend $7 billion to build a bigger plant. In 1990 fiat announced its intentions to build an additional 600,000 cars a year there. These plans are now on hold.
The lada, a no-frills russian sedan based on fiat technology, is exported to the west at bargain prices. Shown here is the 1983-86lada 2107.

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