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Mirage Mi2 - 1982-1983
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Mirage Mi2 - 1982-1983

Mirage Mi2 - 1982-1983

To increase his chances of success but also for publicity value, harley cluxton iii hired mario and michael andretti to drive the new mirage m12 in the 1982 le mans 24-hour endurance race. But, only 20 minutes before race time, the car was disqualified on a technicality.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 212 mph engine typedrivetrain: V8, 2 overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, 6 valves per cylinder displacement 3,995 cc power rating 540 hp transmission 5-speed manual chassis: Fourwheel independent suspen¬sion; Disc brakes; 1,784 lbs.

About vehicle
Ground-effect monocoque owner of grand touring cars, cluxton had bought mirage in 1976 from its founder, john wyer. The m12 was designed by wyers former assistant, mirage technical director john horsman. The ground-effect monocoque, made of riveted aluminum sheet, was built in england by tiga. The car was then tested at lockheeds high-speed wind-tunnel facilities in atlanta, on the track in riverside, california, and at the national transportation research center in ohio. The engine was the four-litre dfl last version of the famous ford-cosworth v8. a safety violation fast but heavy, the ml2 placed ninth in the le mans trials. Officials ailed the car out of the race because the oil-cooled radiators, mounted in the rear behind the transmission, were three in. Too far back to meet a safety regulation established to prevent a fire in case of a collision. The m12 was then shipped back to the United States, where it finished seventh in the miami grand prix.
The mirage m12 arrived at le mans with great fanfare but was ruled out of the 1982 24-hour endurance race on a technicality.

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