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Pontiac Catalina 421 - 1962-1966
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Pontiac Catalina 421 - 1962-1966

Although weighing more than two tons, the catalina was one of the best-performing fuusized cars when equipped with pontiacs big optional 421-cu.-in. V8 engine. This powerful yet comfortable car could provide 15mph trouble-free cruising on city streets, then accelerate like a rocket on command.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 115 mph engine typedrivetrain: V8 displacement 421. Cu. In. (6.9 l) power rating 338-410 hp transmission 3-speed manual;. 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic optional chassis: Drum brakes; 4,460 lbs. Price: $2,919-83,651 in 1965

About vehicle
Dr aggin terror no catalina 421s are as highly prized as the 1962-63 models sold with the super-duty performance package. Available on all pontiac fuusized cars and bearing many lightweight aluminum body parts, they were intended primarily for drag racing, and a high-output version of the engine reached a peak of 410 hp. Fewer than 200 of these catalina super-dutys wrere built before pontiac withdrew from racing. the 2+2 package for 1964, the catalina convertible and hardtop carried the 421, as an optional part of a 2+2 package that also included a center console with vacuum gauge and floor-mounted gearshift. The 1965 catalinas were longer and had front-fender vents. The 421 engine was now standard in the 2+2 package, which included bucket seats and heavy-duty springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. More than 11,000 were built that year. For 1966, the 2+2 became a separate model, but sales fell, and pontiac decided to restrict its high-performance features to smaller cars
Despite its size and weight, this 1963 catalina could accelerate like a rocket when equipped with pontiacs 421-cu.-in. Engine.

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