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Porsche Type 64 - 1938-1939
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Porsche Type 64 - 1938-1939

Ferdinand porsche had pleased hitler by designing the future volkswagen beetle (project 60 of porsches studio) and building the first three prototypes in his garage. In 1938 he was commissioned to develop a high-performance version of the vw to enter in the berlin-rome-berlin race scheduled for september 1939 but never held because world war ii broke out.

Specifications performance
Top speed of nearly 95 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve, flat 4-cylinder displacement 1,131 cc (1.1 l) power rating 50 hp transmission 4-speed manual

About vehicle
Influential engine three project 64 cars, dubbed type 64s, were constructed. The streamlined light-alloy body was borrowed from a canceled plan to develop a road coupe from an auto-union racing car. The flat (horizontally opposed) four-cylinder 1.1-litre engine was pushed from 22 to 50 hp with two carburetors, larger valves, a special camshaft and a high compression ratio. This engine, in normal form, was placed into army personnel carriers during the war and would be used in production beetles until 1954. precursor of the porsche 356 during the war, the porsche family had the cars at their disposal. Porsche was imprisoned by the french for two years, but the work he spent on the type 64 was not wasted, for it clearly pointed to the first porsche production car: The 356, introduced in -1948.
This streamlined porsche type 64 prototype clearly led, both in appearance and mechanics, to porsches first production car, the 356.

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