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Shelby - 1968
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Shelby - 1968

In the early 1960s carroll shelby, a celebrated race car manufacturer and driver, turned his talents to producing street racers. When ford asked him to make a hot version of their new and highly successful mustang, shelby jumped at the chance, and the shelby mustang gt350 roared into showrooms in 1965.

Specifications performance
Top speed of 125 mph engine typedrivetrain: Overhead-valve v8 displacement 302 cu. In. Power rating 250 hp transmission 4-speed automatic chassis: Recirculating ball and nut steering; Hydraulic front disc and rear drum brakes; 2,940 lbs. price: S4,547 to $5,500

About vehicle
Image booster the shelby gt35os were fords answer to the chevy corvette and other legal street racers. They could match performance statistics and sticker prices with these competitors, and could even be modified to compete with the likes of porsche and ferrari. Despite the success of the gt35os, shelby, in charge of production, soon tired of trying to keep within u.s. Federal safety and emissions standards. He left and ford took over production of the 1968 gt350. less punch, more plush in 1968, the first year the gt350 convertible was offered, ford toned down the performance of the shelby mustang and focused on promoting a luxury sports car with aesthetic appeal. Inside, air conditioning was added along with a tilt wheel and the entire package found in the mustang gt deluxe. The exterior was given two low scoops at the forward edge of the hood, hood louvers, a larger grille cavity, a new rear spoiler and sequential rear turn signals borrowed from the thunderbird.
Tin 1968 gt350 sacrificed performance for luxury but it still typified carroll shelbys efforts to manufacture quality race cars.

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